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George H Hurst

George Hurst was the founder of the Hurst Performance Product Co. and was associated with high-performance vehicles and automotive advances, particularly in the area of car transmissions. His Hurst Shifter, a floor-mounted gear shift for performance cars, made him very wealthy.

Hurst was also the inventor of the "Jaws of Life" — a hydraulic rescue tool used all over the world, saving millions of lives every year.

Hurst Performance survives today and employs thousands of Americans. 



Preston Tucker

Preston Tucker designed a safety car with innovative features and modern styling. His company built 51 units before it folded in 1949.

Tucker worked with the legendary Harry Miller on Indianapolis 500 race cars during the 1930's.

Tucker's "Tucker Turret" gun turret was used during World War II.

Tucker's prototype "combat car" armored personnel carrier was rejected because it went too fast.

Tuckers other designs were The Talisman: a planned sportier version of the Tucker 48 and The Carioca: a sports car to be built in Brazil. Preston Tucker was working on this when he died.

Appraised $218,000

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1946 Lincoln Continental Convertible is known to be   George H Hurst first performance modification.

Could this “Grand Ole Lady” meet the same fate and be maliciously restored to bring anything close to: $2.9M




1948 Tucker Torpedo recently at “The Barrett-Jackson Auction”, Scottsdale, IL, January, 2012

Tom McMullen

Tom McMullen became a hot rodding legend due in large part to his most famous creation, this 1932 Ford Deuce roadster, which had already appeared in publicity shots for actor Nick Adams and in the “Life of Riley” and “Lassie” TV shows

S109 1932 Ford McMullen Roadster The World's Most Iconic Hot Rod Photo 2

Sold for $700,000

Mecum Auto Auction

Anaheim, CA Auction

November 2012


Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson was an American Off Road racing legend. He won many championships as a racer, and later formed sanctioning bodies Score International and Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group.   

He developed a brilliant career as both a driver and an innovative automotive technician; later as a designer, manufacturer and seller of racing and performance equipment He is credited with designing and building the first slingshot dragster in.



1963 Pontiac Catalina at the “Mecum Auto Auction”

in St. Charles, IL in October 2008


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