1946 Lincoln Continental Convertible Customized by George H. Hurst 

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From George's daughter "Laurie Hurst"

A small piece of history on this rare find, one of the officers at Willow Grove Navel Air Station had asked my father George H. Hurst, to plate as much of the engine to match his wife's copper bottom pots. Hence the copper plated air filter as well as a number of other copper plated engine components.

The History

The name George Hurst is well known to automotive enthusiasts. Father of the Hurst shifter and the innovative Jaws of Life rescue tool, his legacy is secure. And here's where that legacy started, the earliest known car that George Hurst converted, a 1946 Lincoln Continental convertible.

The complete history on this unique automobile remains unknown, especially with regard to its first owner. What is known is it was one of 201 Lincoln Continental convertibles built in 1946 and was production number 9,747 of the 16,584 Lincolns built that year. Of historical note, the Lincoln Continental convertible was selected as the official pace car for the 1946 Indianapolis 500.

While its original owner remains unknown, it is known that in 1956 Captain Smart, stationed at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Pennsylvania, asked George Hurst replace its prewar-designed 130-horsepower flathead V-12 with a modern overhead-valve Cadillac V-8 with 285-horsepower.

In addition to the engine swap, Hurst modified and upgraded many associated driveline components to handle the additional power, including the motor mounts, another product that Hurst would become well known for in the years that followed. Smart also requested George plate as much of the engine to match his wife's copper bottom pots as possible. It is believed to be the only automobile in history to have copper plated components.

The current owner purchased this classic at the 2004 Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, from the estate of a wealthy businessman in Chicago. Its remarkable history was first discovered when the new owner discovered the plaque affixed to the radiator cover was covering the original plaque placed on the car by George Hurst, validating the conversion. Part of an extensive collection of vehicles from the period immediately following the end of the Second World War, it remains in the condition when it was acquired in 2004.

With the recent passing of its owner, this "Grand Ol' Lady" is now being offered by his estate. Should you be interested in this unique and documented piece of American automotive history, please contact the agent through this site.

About This Car

This beautiful piece of automotive history is being offered for Sale By Owner.

The following information is true to the best of my knowledge.

This 1946 Lincoln Continental Convertible is probably one of the most pristine Resto-Mod-Rods available in the country today. 

She is George H Hurst first engine conversion. "STREET ROD"

She is Black with Ivory and Deep Red English Leather Interior. Chrome and tires are beautiful, no pits or dry rot.

Research shows that the 1946 production year reaped only 201 Lincoln Continental Convertibles. 

The brass plaque on the radiator cover documents the conversion done by George H Hurst.  Research has shown that Mr. Hurst only did two Lincoln Continental conversions.  The other one was a hard top. He won a trophy for “Best Conversion” in Dearborn, Michigan shortly after the modification.  It still exists today and is owned by a man in Philadelphia, PA.

He did the following modifications:

  • 1956 Cadillac Eldorado V 8/365 cubic inches  Ambulance engine
  • 2x4  WCFB Carburetors
  • 1952 Lincoln Cosmo 3spd Transmission
  • Packard 180 Overdrive
  • 1955 Chevy Overdrive Solenoid
  • 1949 Lincoln Cosmo Rear-End
  • 1956 Oldsmobile Radiator
  • 1957 Lincoln Cosmo Brakes and Drums
  • Chrome-Moly Radial Rods to the rear wheels
  • Titanium Track Bar in rear
  • Jaguar Shocks on rear

The following are additional updates done to this truly awesome Classic:

  • Power Windows
  • Cadillac Hydraulic Window Pump
  • Power Brakes just rebuilt
  • Hudson Heater
  • Electric Fuel Pump with fuel reserve
  • English Leather interior
  • Air Horns on both front fenders
  • Vinyl Top  

The options standard to this model: 

  • AM Radio
  • 19.5 US Gallon Fuel Tank.

There were a total of 16,584 Lincolns built in 1946.  This car was #9,747 off the production line with only 201 Continental Convertibles.

The most exciting aspect about this beautiful Lincoln is that she fires up on command, drives like a dream and Screams as loud as you want her to by putting the pedal to the metal.  But don't do that till she is yours.    

She is truly a spectacular investment!!  There were very few of these cars made after WWII and there couldn't be but a few left.  This being one of two George Hurst modified.

This is the car featured in Richard Truesdale and Mark Fletcher’s,recently released book "Hurst Equipped"

She certainly is a Grand Ol' Lady.  I’ve ridden in her myself.  What a Blast to the Past!!!

Professionally Appraised for $218,000.


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